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How to record yourself and screen using Zoom

You may wish to record yourself, perhaps talking to a PowerPoint presentation, so that you can provide this to students as a learning resource or for other purposes such as training guides.

This can be done easily using Zoom!

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Sign into your Otago Zoom account
  2. Start a “New Meeting” 
  3. Check your microphone is capturing your voice well
  4. Share your screen (if you wish to share a PowerPoint or your desktop or any other document)
  5. Tip: If you wish to show a video or any content with sound, then tick the “Share sound” option before click the blue Share button. This option is off by default as shown in the image below.

  6. Start Recording to the Cloud when you are ready
  7. Stop recording when you are done 
  8. Stop sharing your screen by clicking the red “Stop share” button at the top of the screen and then End the meeting.
  9. Your cloud recording will now process and you will get an email once it is ready. You can then click on the link in that email to download a copy. The recording will also be automatically transferred to your Echo360 account and you will receive another email once that is done.