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Waiting Rooms

A useful feature if you want to stagger people joining your Zoom meeting, or for additional security are Waiting Rooms.

If you enable Waiting Rooms for your meeting everyone who joins will first be placed in the waiting room and will need to be admitted to the meeting by the meeting host.

Waiting Rooms are not on your meeting by default but you can ‘Enable Waiting Rooms’ by ticking the checkbox when scheduling your meeting, or enable them once the meeting is underway.

When Scheduling a Meeting via the web:

When Scheduling via the Zoom App the tick-box is under ‘Advanced Options’:

When in a Zoom meeting, click the Security button:


When someone joins the meeting and is placed in the waiting room you will see them in the participants list. Hover over the name to admit individually or use the ‘Admit all’ to admit everyone from the waiting room into the meeting.


When in the Waiting Room the participant will see this screen:

You can communicate with people in the Waiting Room via the chat function: