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How to enable cloud recording

To enable the cloud recording option on your account you will need to login to your zoom account on your browser and go to your meeting settings tab on the side bar, then navigate to the middle recording tab at the top of the page.


You will need to click the grey slider to enable cloud recording, the slider will turn blue once saved. You can also tick the boxes depending on how you would like your recording to look – active speaker view (left photo), gallery view (right photo) or both. You can choose whether you would like to record an audio only file, save the meeting chat and add a time stamp to the recording.

You will notice that the auto delete cloud recording setting is enabled (this is account wide and you will not be able to change this). This is to assist us in managing the large volume of recordings and to ensure we do not go over the allocated storage space provided by Zoom for the University as a whole. We highly recommend you download a copy to your computer every time you record to the cloud as the file will be deleted after 7 days. If you forget to download a recording in the time frame you can learn how to recover it here.