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Shortcut Keys in Zoom

What is a Global Shortcut?

A global shortcut is a key combination that can be used when Zoom is not in focus.

For instance, with Global Shortcut enabled on “Start/Stop Local Recording”, the user could be focused on their internet browser, their PowerPoint presentation, or any other non-Zoom application, and press the correct shortcut (Alt+R) to start their Zoom meeting’s local recording.

How to change the shortcut?

Open settings in the Zoom app and go to Keyboard Shortcuts.

Under the Shortcut column, click on the Shortcut command. When the text box is selected, input the new shortcut that you would like to assign.

Zoom will not allow you to set any “conflicts”, meaning a key binding that performs more than one function.

When you have a shortcut conflict, the red Warning triangles appear next to the commands that share the same hotkey. Additionally, an error message appears at the bottom of the window.

Here’s an example of a conflict:

  • In this example, the user has set the key to ‘start/stop screen sharing’ and the key to ‘show/hide windows and applications for sharing’, to be the same command, Alt+Shift+S.