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Some quick answers to frequently asked questions


Q. How many people can I have in my Zoom meeting

A. An Otago licensed Zoom account can host up to 300 participants. If you need to host a larger meeting please contact eConferencing.


Q. How many meetings can run on my Zoom account at one time?

A. There can be a maximum of 2 concurrent Zoom meetings running on a Zoom account at any one time.


Q. I’m recording my class, should I record to the cloud or to my computer?

A. We recommend recording to the cloud for two main reasons: the recording will automatically be uploaded to your Otago Echo360 library; and the recording does not take up storage space, or need processing on your device.


Q. I recorded my meeting, where do I find it?

A. In the Zoom App, click on ‘Meetings’ at the top. On the left hand side you will see tabs for ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Recorded’. You will find your recorded meetings under the ‘Recorded’ tab.


Q. Why can’t I record my meeting, or use Breakout Rooms, or make someone a co-host?

A. You must be signed into your Zoom App for Zoom to recognise you as the Host or co-host when you join the meeting. Only a Host or co-host is able to control some functions in Zoom such as recording and breakout rooms.


Q. I want to run a Webinar, does the university have a webinar license?

A. Yes, the university has several Zoom Webinar licenses. Please contact eConferencing if you would like to use one of these.


Q. How do I book an eConferencing Room in the ISB?

A. Our rooms are bookable through Resource Booker.


Q. Why can’t some participants see my chat messages?

A. Meeting and webinar participants can only see chats that are sent while they are in the meeting. Chat messages that were sent prior to their arrival are not visible to them.