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Zoom on Mobile Devices

Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app in the Apple (iOS) or Play (Android) stores to join a meeting on your mobile device, watch the video below for more.

For more information about getting started with Zoom on your mobile device, click this link to be taken to the official Zoom Help Center.

Zoom Mobile Etiquette:

Only join when in a safe location
Try and position yourself somewhere with little or no distractions in the background of your camera shot
Use headphones and utilise the mute function frequently
Have video on when possible so others know you are there
Preferably do not be on the move and try to use a stand or prop your phone up to get a good camera angle. (Moving video uses more bandwidth potentially affecting the stability of your connection and is also uncomfortable for others to watch.)
Use the safe driving mode if you have to drive (no video on)