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Joining a Zoom Meeting Without Audio

Joining a Zoom meeting without audio on your laptop can be very useful in many situations when you are already in a room that is connected with audio, such as a lecture theatre or one of the many Zoom Rooms about campus.

Why would you do this? There are few common scenarios where this would be useful:

  • Needing to screen share from your laptop multiple times, stopping and restarting between each share
  • Monitoring chat or Q&A for a class or an event
  • Managing breakout rooms for a class or event

To do this, here are the steps:

  1. On your laptop, join the meeting as per normal, by either clicking the link or entering the meeting ID and password.
  2. Upon joining the meeting, your audio may auto-connect and at this point you may get some feedback if your microphone is open and/or your speakers are turned up. To stop this, click the up arrow next to the mic symbol and select “Leave Computer Audio”
  3. Alternatively, if you are presented with a prompt to connect computer audio, close that pop-up and, if prompted a second time, confirm that you do not want to connect audio.
  4. You may also need to turn off your camera, if it comes on automatically.
  5. Then you can share your screen or monitor chat or manage breakout rooms, as you normally would.