6 thoughts on “Who Was Dr Hocken?

  1. He was my second great grandfather! I am in the process of setting up our family tree, and was wondering if you had any information and photographs of Morland’s parents?
    I have a few family photographs and letters/documents that I could send you scans of if you are interested. Mostly belonging to his daughter Gladys ( who’s davenport my mother has)- my maternal grandmother Delabarre’s mother.
    Thanks – Kate

  2. Great to hear from you Kate! We do have some papers relating to Dr Hocken’s parents and your own items sound very interesting. I will e-mail you.

    David Murray
    Archivist (Arrangement & Description)

  3. Very glad to be in touch & to see what you have added to the war record of my uncle George Hocken Massey who was killed 100 years ago tomorrow. My children (in their 40s, I am now 82) and I are hoping to visit his grave & that of his brother later this year.

    My late mother Margaret Isabel nee Massey often spoke of ‘Uncle Morland’ and my late sister Margaret (Bliss) was in touch with a Dr. Hocken in NZ (no relation) who published a book on TMH with some of my sister’s information.

    No time to write more now but do get in touch and think of poor Uncle George (only 21) tomorrow.

    Best wishes from a distant relative

    John Massey Stewart

    • Dear John,

      We are very pleased to hear from you. I’m not sure that we have any specific information relating to George Hocken Massey, but we certainly have other information relating to the Hocken family, including some material donated by your sister Margaret Bliss and by Tony Hocken, the “other Dr Hocken”. I will pass on your message to Sharon Dell, the current Hocken Librarian, and will remember George tomorrow. If you do want to get in contact more directly my email is anna.blackman@otago.ac.nz Kindest regards, Anna Blackman.

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