Update on parking near the Hocken Collections

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Since my previous post on traffic issues we have updated our Parking Information webpage. For information and a map indicating where to park near the Hocken Collections while the realignment of  State Highway 88 is going please see our parking information page on the Hocken webpages

The former parking area has been shifted into Parry Street (access via Minerva Street). There is a sign indicating the parking for Hocken patrons. A walkway from the carpark to Hocken is under construction.

Parking is also available towards the University campus in Albany Street, Forth Street and Reigo Street. During University term time, parking may be more difficult to locate.

If you wish to drop off material for the Hocken’s collections, please ring 479 8868 and we will advise the best route to take to our loading bay.

There is a drop off bay located outside the front entrance to the Hocken, at the intersection of Parry Street and Anzac Avenue. Note that you can’t park here but visitors may be safely dropped off out of the Anzac Avenue traffic stream.

We expect there to be considerable disruption until at least the middle of 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Update on parking near the Hocken Collections

  1. Hi. anna, I looking for info on David White (family Request) in his connection with Lodge St. Andrew no432 S.C. Masonic lodge. He was Presented with a rug prior to leaving for war 11/01/1915. He worked for Kempthorne &Prosser 1896 Dn
    I am looking for any info. on his lodge activites.

    • Hi David

      Thanks for your enquiry, we will do a bit of research on the records of Lodge St Andrew 432 S.C. and see what we can find. We’ll reply to your email address. Kind Regards Anna.

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