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eReserve for teaching staff

eReserve for staff

NEW Rolling over your reading list? eReserve has been upgraded (December 6 2017): we’ve detailed the changes and enhancements.

eReserve is a reading list tool that sits inside Blackboard or Moodle. It looks like a reading list or bibliography, one that students can click on to get access to the readings. Behind the scenes it records what we provide to our students, the ultimate goal of which is the payment of royalties to people who own the rights, as Otago staff sometimes receive when their material is used elsewhere. This is a matter of compliance with NZ law and licences we hold.

Aside from this, eReserve has many benefits: students have one way to get their readings for all their papers, staff can see which readings are accessed by students (and how often), those who find copyright confusing are better supported and the University can see what educational resources are being used.

Watch a very quick introduction on what eReserve is and who has to use it.


Quick Guide: eReserve video walkthrough (15 min. video)

Spending 15 minutes watching this will save you a lot of time! Or you can always come along to a training session.


How to use eReserve, FAQs and Reporting Issues

Frequently asked questions are covered in the Introduction to eReserve video but are available in text form as well.

Having technical trouble? Read our list of known issues for staff and, if that doesn’t help, report a problem.

The eReserve Video Walkthrough above covers all you need to know but you can ask for help or come to training session.

Other quick guides

Add eReserve link in Blackboard or Add eReserve link in Moodle

Create groups of readings and organise your reading list

Add readings:

Selecting dates for your readings

Change your citation style

Roll over readings from a previous offering of a paper

What does the export button do?