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Rollover expired readings

When the dates you set for readings pass, the reading status will change to ‘expired.’

To make the reading available again:

  1. Select the circular arrow button here:expired1
  2. Set new dates using the date picker. TAKE CARE to change the default 3 month period to the dates you really want.expired2
  3. You can add or change other details such as a note and whether the reading is required or not.

Previously approved readings will usually go live straight away. If not, the system may have detected a copyright issue that will be checked out by the eReserve team.

If you don’t need the reading anymore, select the rubbuish bin icon.

At this time we do not have a bulk function for changing dates of multiple readings at once. This will be in a future upgrade.

Recommended dates:

You can apply any date range you like to a reading. Remember: access is still controlled by students having access to Blackboard. For standard papers we recommend:

  Start End
Semester 1 1 January 30 June
Semester 2 1 July 30 November
Summer School 1 January Last day of exams

Full-year 1 January 30 November

Tip: if a paper is offered in multiple teaching periods in a year, set the dates once to cover all of them. E.g. BSNS105 is offered in Summer School and Semesters 1 and 2 so just put 1 Jan to 30 Nov.