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eReserve Insights — measure student engagement with your reading list

Insights provides you with real time statistics about student engagement with your Reading List.

Watch a video outlining the features or read more below.

Active Student Count shows you a count of individual students who have accessed the list while it is active. This count will only increase if a student who has not previously accessed a resource accesses one for the first time.

Active student count
Active Student Count

Student Access shows you the total number of times resources have been accessed. This increases each time a resource is used, regardless of whether a student accessed that one before. These are also split by Required/Recommended and by whether the resource was a link to a web page or a file downloaded.

Student Access
Student Access

Resource Count tells you how many things you have in your reading list.

Resource Count
Resource Count

Engagement Analytics displays a graph showing the number of Students who have accessed a certain number of resources.

Engagement analytics
Engagement Analytics

You can select All readings or break the graph down into Required or Recommended resources.

Each reading also has information about student engagement to the right-hand side of the buttons that appear next to each one.

Reading counts

The green icon and number shows the total number of times that resource has been accessed, including multiple hits by the same student.

Unique Student Access shows you each student who has accessed that reading and how many times. At the bottom of that list, it will display a list of students who have not accessed that Resource. With this new information, Educators will be able to identify the degree of student engagement among their cohort of students and identify any low engagement or at-risk students.

Unique student access
Unique Student Access