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Roll over readings from a previous eReserve list

You only need to set up your readings for a paper the first time. From then on you can roll over your readings from year-to-year (or semester-to-semester). Watch the video or read the written instructions further down this page.


How to roll over your reading list

  1. Enter your eReserve reading list.
  2. Select New list in the top row of buttons.
  3. Select the teaching period (or Duration):
    1. Predefined offers the standard teaching periods.
    2. Custom allows you to name your list and select your own dates.
      TIP: for a custom list name, call your list something that indicates when the paper is offered (e.g. when you come to do roll over again in the future it’s better to have a list called ”Term 1 2019′ than one called ‘My list’ or ‘Readings’)
  4. Select Next at the top of the screen.
  5. To create a new blank list with no readings just select the orange Skip button at the top-right.
  6. To use a previous list, under Unit on the left, start typing the code or name of your paper.
  7. Under Reading list select from previous lists associated with the paper.
  8.  Your readings from that previous offering will load underneath. You can select all readings in the list using the All button (and None to deselect all).
  9. Review the number of times students accessed the readings with the green counter to the right of each reading.
  10. Individually select or deselect groups and/or readings using the check boxes on the left-hand side.
  11. When you have made your selections, select Next at the top-right again.
  12. This presents a final review screen. Select Back to change something or Create to set up the new list. If your list is large you will get a pop-up message informing you that it will take a few moments and that you will get an email when your list is ready.

You can then add readings and organise your list as normal.

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