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Add an existing reading

If a reading has been created already in eReserve (by you or anyone else), there’s a simple way to add it to your list.

  1. From within eReserve, select the Add menu and then the option to Find an existing reading.
  2. A page loads. Select Find.
  3. After selecting Find, you are presented with some drop-down menus.

    1. Leave Location set to eReserve Plus.
    2. Under Document select Any book reading genre or Any journal reading genre or Website etc., as appropriate for the type of resource you’re looking for.
    3. Select a search category, like Reading Title, and enter a keyword(s). (Note that reading title would be the name of the chapter/excerpt or article. To search for a book title you would select Title not Reading Title as your search category.)
    4. Select Submit. Results will display of readings that include your keywords. Select the globe icon on the right if you want to view the reading.
    5. Select the tick icon next to the globe icon to choose that reading..
  4. On the right-hand side of the page select whether the reading is required for students or not. You have the option to add a note for the library or for students.

Your reading will usually go live straight away (unless the system detects a copyright clash).