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Digitising a geological map in ArcGIS Desktop

This document covers the process of digitising a geological map in ArcGIS desktop 10:

Here are the files that I use in the tutorial:

Other resources are available here:

Key parts of digitising not covered in these videos are covered on these pages:

Video tutorials (screencasts) – digitising a geological map in ArcGIS Desktop

The following screencasts document the process:

Playlist on Youtube

  1. Evaluating and setting up your map for digitising and georeferencing.

2. Covers setting up the file geodatabase. Digitising the contacts and symbology for the contacts.

3. Covers generating unit polygons and applying symbology and labels to the unit polygons.

4. Covers a bit about digitising other map elements such as faults, anticlines, structural data. I discuss topology, topo overlay and how to export your map in vector format.