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Illustration and map resources

This page has some illustration and graphics resources, such as patterns, brushes symbols etc. especially for geological figures and mapping.

Inkscape illustration and map resources

Adobe Illustrator illustration and map resources

These are mostly for adobe illustrator CS5.

Geological mapping symbols font

  • OUGeology1
    font with geological symbols that can be installed on your computer and used in ArcGIS Desktop

Other useful resources and tutorials

2 comments on “Illustration and map resources

  1. Do you have any suggestions for brush patterns for faults and such? I make patterned brushes from the USGS .eps pages, but I find the graphics get stretched in weird ways.


    • Hi, I remember the line symbols from USGS don’t work straight off the bat in illustrator as brushes.

      You can make your own brushes to look like the USGS ones. They should be pattern brushes.

      Might be something I follow up on later. Good luck!


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