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Category Archives: training

Geological Mapping Technician – Introduction

Hello, I am the Geological Mapping Technician for the Geology Department at the University of Otago.

If you need any assistance with any topics that you consider could be related to technical aspects of geological mapping please come and see me or send me an email.

Topics include: geology software, general illustration software, GIS software, mapping hardware (UAV/drone, GNSS/GPS, cameras) and a whole lot more.

Stephen Read
Room 1n17

New training section: 3D Geology diagram techniques

I’ve just added a new set of pages in the training section of this website. These tutorial pages cover 3D Geology diagram techniques. The first tutorials for 3D diagrams using a mixture of free and non-free software are live now. I will also make alternate versions of these tutorials that use only free software soon.

Scientific illustration training + workshop (using adobe creative suite: paid software)

Details, times, places

Check out my Events Calendar to find out: time, location, content for all future training sessions. If you are interested in taking part in this training series please contact me. There will be limited spaces available.

I also run a free software training series (using Inkscape and the GIMP) with a similar format that I will start next semester.

Course content overview(may change)

  1. Adobe Illustrator: basics (CS5 paid)
    1. User interface
    2. Tools
    3. Artboards
  2. Adobe Illustrator: making illustrations  (CS5 paid)
    1. Bezier curves
    2. Plates, masking
    3. Tracing figures (drawing tablets)
    4. Cross sections
    5. Block diagrams
  3. Adobe photoshop basics (CS5 paid)
    1. User interface
    2. Tools
    3. Document types
  4. Adobe photoshop advanced (CS5 paid)
    1. Adjusting images using camera raw or photoshop
    2. Editing images
    3. Batch processing
    4. Photomerge
  5. Additional training + workshops


You can treat these training sessions as workshops and bring some of your own illustration work that you require assistance with.