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Cash advances

Cash advance facility

Purchase Cards are only issued with a cash advance facility if the cardholder has indicated this preference on the application form.

To request a cash advance facility you will need to email the Purchase Card admin team stating the reason for the request. The main reason a cardholder would request a cash advance is for overseas purchases where Visa cannot be used.

Where a cash advance facility is provided, the use of the facility must comply with the following:

  • Cash advances can only be withdrawn using ATMs that are located off campus.
  • Prior to withdrawing cash, the cardholder should exhaust all other options of payment including using the standard Purchase Card functionality.
  • Cash withdrawn must be accounted for as with all other expenditure, including appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Unspent cash should be converted back to NZ currency, banked into the University bank account, and coded to the general or project ledger account used for the original advance. Evidence of this deposit should be included with the Purchase Card monthly statement.
  • If unspent funds cannot be converted back to NZ currency, ( eg. coins or an uneconomic amount) then the money should be held in the cost centre for future travel use. This should be noted on the appropriate Purchase Card monthly statement.