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About Purchase Cards

What is a Purchase Card?

A Purchase Card (sometimes referred to as a ‘PCard’) is a bank issued credit card that is available to employees of the University and its subsidiaries who are permanent or are employed on a fixed term contract of at least six months.

Purchase Cards provide an effective means of paying for everyday purchases and reducing the reliance on petty cash floats, staff reimbursements, cash advances, and one-off purchases processed through the Accounts Payable office.

Purchase Card roles and responsibilities

Cardholders: Staff who have a Purchase Card issued in their name. Cardholders are responsible for using the card in accordance with relevant University of Otago and ANZ policies. They also are responsible for ensuring that card activity is regularly reviewed and coded correctly, and monthly statements are signed-off and returned to Purchase Card administration.

Coders: Coders can be the cardholder, or a delegated authority. Coders enter the coding details into Finance One. The cardholder is still ultimately responsible for ensuring that the monthly coding is accurate and correct.

Authoriser: Usually the cardholder’s immediate supervisor. Responsible for approving the issue of a Purchase Card, and authorising the monthly expenditure in their role as budget holder.

Purchase Card admin team: The team located in the Financial Services Division who receive and process all Purchase Card activity. They are the contact point for any queries about Purchase Cards, and act as the liaison between the University and the bank, ANZ.