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Supporting Documentation

Tax invoices and/or GST receipts should be collected and retained as supporting documentation by cardholders, for all expenditure for tax purposes.

It is recommended that all supporting documents (receipts, invoices, coding authorisations etc.) are uploaded as a digital attachment to the relevant transaction within Finance One. View the Adding supporting documentation in Finance One page for more information.

Paper versions of documents should be scanned and uploaded, as well as stapled to the monthly statement.

  • For transactions $50 and under the cardholder can provide EFTPOS receipt
  • A booking confirmation is not an acceptable tax invoice/GST receipt. If you booked accommodation directly through the hotel you must obtain a tax invoice. If you booked accommodation using third party (e.g. Viago,, wotif) you will only receiving a booking confirmation and cannot claim GST.

Mislaid or missing tax invoices / GST receipts

GST cannot be claimed by the University if the tax invoice/receipt is mislaid or missing.

If any tax invoices or GST receipts have been mislaid or lost, contact the supplier as soon as possible as they should be able to provide a replacement. However, if that is not successful you will need to capture the GST on the transaction as N/A.

Transactions that have missing tax invoices/receipts should be highlighted on monthly Purchase Card statements when they are returned to the Purchase Card Admin team.