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Category Archives: Treaty of Waitangi

Waitangi Evidence by Associate Professor Merata Kawharu

People sometimes wonder what “value” academic work may have, particularly with regard to Humanities research.  We are lucky to have Associate Professor Merata Kawharu of the University of Otago’s Research and Enterprise Office as an adjunct Research Professor in Te Tumu.  Merata’s achievements that benefit Māori are many.  Her latest work has been working on behalf of her own people, Ngāti Rahiri and Ngāti Kawa of the Bay of Islands, preparing evidence on early Māori-Pākehā interactions, with particular relevance to land, and presenting it from a cultural and hapū perspective.  As she states “This kōrero today serves not to repeat what historians have already covered.  Instead, I take a different perspective, centralising arguments from a cultural values and community-centric orientation so that the extent of significant loss can start to be more fully appreciated.”  Click here to read Merata’s Summary Brief of Evidence.

Waitangi Day Lecture

Te Tumu staff member, Lachy Paterson, will be giving a talk at the Dunedin Public Library on Waitangi Day.  Click here for details.