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An Open Conversation about Early Modern History and Philosophy of Science in Australia

Peter Anstey writes …

In a new venture for this blog we are hosting a conversation about the discipline of History and Philosophy of Science.

The aim of this exchange of ideas is to review the discipline and to come up with ideas and strategies that will reinvigorate it within Australia.

The more specific aim is to formulate a two-hour session on Early Modern HPS at the forthcoming What is this thing called History and Philosophy of Science? to be held at the University of Sydney on 26–28 September 2012.



It is expected that this conversation will last for 4 months.

Anyone is welcome to contribute.

Contributions are by post, comment or reply.

Please send new posts to Peter Anstey at

New posts will appear on Thursdays.

Moderators of the conversation are Peter Anstey (Otago) and Alberto Vanzo (Birmingham).


Leading Question

What is distinctive and important about early modern HPS in Australia and what is worth preserving and developing?

It seems that an adequate answer this question will address some or all of the following issues:

1. Its historiographical orientation and contribution

2. Its historical methods and focuses

3. Its philosophical profile and influences

4. Its research methodology

5. Its recent and current institutional manifestations

6. Let us show you how we do it! (lead by example of cutting-edge research)


We invite contributions!