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Early Modern HPS Session Details

History and Philosophy of Science in Australia: Looking Forward

National Committee for History and Philosophy of Science workshop, University of Sydney, New Law School Annexe 342


27 September 2012: University of Sydney
8.50    Peter Anstey (Otago/Sydney) Introductory comment

8.50    Luciano Boschiero (Campion): History of science in the liberal arts: its tradition and future

9.08    Peter Harrison (Queensland): Early Modern HPS at UQ: Current Projects and Future Prospects

9.26    Gerhard Wiesenfeldt (Melbourne): Back to the basics? Changing perspectives in the digital age

9.45    Ofer Gal (Sydney): Passionate knowledge

10.04  John Schuster (Sydney/Campion): Descartes Studies / Scientific Revolution Studies: The Historiographical Imperatives

10.23  Alan Chalmers (Sydney): Mechanical philosophy, experimental philosophy and Descartes

10.41  Peter Anstey: Concluding remarks

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