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Podcasting 2008 – some statistics

For the last few weeks I have been investigating some of the podcasting data from 2008, which I thought might be interesting to share.

Firstly a little bit of background information: Podcasting has been offered as a service at Otago since August 2007. Many lecturers use it to provide students with an audio or video version of their lectures; this is particularly popular with distance papers, and for revision purposes. In 2008 approximately nine papers used the podcasting service during Semester 1, and 25 during Semester 2.

In June 2008 Otago launched its iTunes U site, taking the publically available podcasts to a greater global audience within iTunes. These podcasts include public lectures and musical performances as well as short films.

As you can see in the graph below, the launch of iTunes U caused a large spike in the individual podcast download numbers, while exam revision causes a smaller surge in October.

University of Otago: Podcast downloads - 2008

University of Otago: Podcast downloads - 2008

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