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Category Archives: podcasting

Otago Capture Ready for 2018

ITS eLearning is excited to announce the arrival of the new and improved Otago Capture. Several papers in Summer School are already using the new system.  The Otago Capture Administration Application will be available to use on Thursday 15th of February for 2018 papers.  The application has been updated to work with the new version of Otago Capture.

This version of Otago Capture is now available and includes significant advantages over the previous version.  Some key improvements are:

  • In Lecture: Capture can be used to deliver your lecture, with students following along in real time, asking questions, and sending notifications if they find anything confusing.
  • Student Note Taking: Students can now take notes directly within Capture when watching the recording (or when following along with the slides in the Lecture Theatre). These notes are tied to the context they were taken (i.e. the time of the video, or the specific slide), and can be revisited for effective revision.
  • Improved Analytics: Analytics are now more specific. Instructors can see how many students followed along during a given lecture, watched the recordings, took notes, and so on.
  • Technical improvements: This version of Otago Capture does not use the outdated Flash software, instead it uses HTML5 to display the recordings and slides, which allows for full compatibility with modern browsers, and superior security.
  • Mobile App: A mobile app for watching the recordings, and taking notes. Instructors can also upload videos using this app.

You can find more information on the Otago Capture Help Site.

eLearning will be holding demonstrations of the new system on the 16th and 19th of February, more information can be found on our Seminars Page. If you would like us to give a demonstration for your department please contact us at or contact the ITS Service Desk.

IT Training will also be running two training sessions in February for Otago Capture, you can sign up for these from the IT Training site.


Blogs and Podcast Update

On Wednesday 25 November at 9am the Blogs and Podcasts systems are going to be updated.  This should take around 2 hours and will provide more some security and operational fixes to the system as well as:

  • Customize Option in the Administration Menu – This allows you to change the theme, edit the menus and widgets without having to visit the Dashboard of the site.
  • New Theme from Web Services – You can select this by choosing “University of Otago 2016”. If you don’t want to change you don’t have to, your current theme will still work on your site.



Otago Blogs and Otago Podcasts Upgrade

To get everything ready for the start of Semester 1, 2015, we’re upgrading Otago Blogs and Podcasts. This will keep us up to date with the latest security changes as well as provide all users with a new University of Otago theme. The new theme is more mobile friendly and slick looking.

When: Tuesday, 3 February 2015 – 9am-11am. During this time Otago Blogs and Otago Podcasts will not be available

If you have any questions about this upgrade please contact the ITS Service Desk (