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Otago Blogs and Otago Podcast Upgrade

On Friday 4th July we will be updating the software that delivers Otago Blogs and Otago Podcasts to the most recent version, WordPress 3.9.1. This will bring some new features to the service and also ensure that we are running the most up-to-date version.

New features include:

Improved Image Handling: Drag and drop images into posts, ehnhanced image editing within WordPress

Copy and Paste Straight from Microsoft Word: Waste less time cleaning up mangled text styles

New Video and Audio playlists: Now you can create playlists of video and audio and include them into posts. Similar to an gallery so you can combine related media items easily into one post.

Live Widget and Header Previews: Want to add a widget to your site but not sure how it will look? Now you can add widgets and see a live preview of your site. This will mean you can make changes to your site faster and not have to constantly refresh the page to see the effect.

To allow this upgrade to happen Otago Blogs and Otago Podcasts will be unavailable 9:30 – 10:30 am on Friday 4th July.

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