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Te Tumu scholar in successful Research Theme bid


Jenny Bryant-Tokalau

Associate Professor Jenny Bryant-Tokalau of Te Tumu is one of 14 Principal Investigators in the recently awarded University Theme, Asia-Pacific Biocultural Health: Past and Present.

The theme, which is coordinated by Haille Buckley, Tuari Potiki, Tony Merriman and Sian Halcrow and has attracted academics from various Otago divisions,  is funded for five years.  It will investigate fundamental questions of the human past that have pressing implications for human society today in Aotearoa, the Pacific and Southeast Asia. Questions of the origins of people, non-communicable disease, and social inequality, and major subsistence and cultural change will be assessed drawing on a range of cross- and multi-disciplinary approaches mobilising research expertise in the University.

Jenny’s role in the theme is her work on adaptation to climate change and hardships and inequality in the Pacific.

3 thoughts on “Te Tumu scholar in successful Research Theme bid

  1. Vinaka Jenny. This really showcases how Te Tumu can contribute to interdisciplinary research. Well done.

  2. Ka rawe Jenny-well done and looking forward to hearing about the developments from this mahi.