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The Otago Peninsula: A Unique Identity

meganIt’s wonderful to see Te Tumu’s emerging scholars getting their research out to the world.  Megan Pōtiki, one of our teaching staff and also undertaking doctoral studies, has just published an article on the Otago Peninsula in Shima: The International Journal of Research on Island Cultures.  The full text of the article can be accessed here.
Ka taea te kī mō tēnei tuhinga, “Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri, ā, muri ake nei”.

The Otago Peninsula: A Unique Identity
ABSTRACT: The Otago Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand has a long indigenous Māori history that is rooted in the land and the people of the area.  The stories and genealogy that connect Māori New Zealanders to the Otago Peninsula are well documented and retold.  After European contact with and connection to the Peninsula was initiated the colonisation of the area occurred rapidly.  The Otago Peninsula historically, and to the present day, has always had a separate chartacter to that of the adjascent mainland (around the city of Dunedin).  Despite the short distance between them, the culture of the Otago Peninsula remains distinct to that of the mainland as if it were an island.