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Dr Wiebke Finkler

With a background in Science Communication, Filmmaking and Marine Biology Wiebke is interested in how to utilize marketing communication for more effective science communication. She has a special interest in how video, when combined with community based social marketing approaches, can be used as a tool for change and social impact. Drawing on marketing communication, elements of documentary filmmaking, TV commercials and viral videos she has developed a SciCommercial format and model to improve sustainable management of whale watching and increase public awareness about responsible practices. This model can be applied to a variety of science communication management and marketing contexts relating to sustainability and human behaviour change. Wiebke also runs hands-on science communication workshops teaching ‘pocket filmmaking’, teaching camera techniques on phones and tablets, as well as video editing and storytelling.

Selected papers of interest

Higham, J., Cohen, S.A., Cavaliere, C., Reis, A. & Finkler, W. (2016). Climate change, tourist air travel and radical emissions reduction. Journal of Cleaner Production 111 (B): 336-347.

Finkler, W. (2014). Save the whales Part II: A new science advocacy communication framework, In Higham, J.E.S., Bejder, L. & Williams, R. (Eds). Whale-watching, sustainable tourism and ecological management. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, United Kingdom. 352-364.


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Finkler, W. & Higham, J.E.S. (2004). The human dimensions of whale watching: An analysis based on viewing platforms. Human Dimensions of Wildlife 9(1): 103-117.