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Associate Professor Ivan Diaz-Rainey

Ivan is Co-Director of OERC. He is an Associate Professor in Finance. His interdisciplinary policy-focused research spans both finance and innovation research, with particular emphasis on related energy and environmental policy issues (e.g. energy finance, carbon and electricity markets and the diffusion of eco-innovations).

Selected Papers of Interest:

  • Diaz-Rainey, I, Robertson, B & Wilson, C, (2017) ‘Stranded Research? Leading Finance Journals are Silent on Climate Change’, Climactic Change, 143:1, 243-260 (ERA: A)
  • Tulloch, D, Diaz-Rainey, I & Premachandra, I (2017) ‘The impact of liberalization and environmental policy on the financial returns of European energy utilities’, The Energy Journal, 38:2, 77-106 (A)
  • Diaz-Rainey, I & Ashton, J (2015) ‘Investment inefficiency and the adoption of eco-innovations: the case of household energy efficiency technologies’. Energy Policy 82, 105-117 (A)
  • Diaz-Rainey, I, Finegan, A, Ibikunle, G & Tulloch, D (2014) ‘Institutional investment in the EU ETS’, In: Hawley, J, Hoepner, A, Johnson, K, Sandberg, J, Waitzer, E (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty, Cambridge University Press & UN Principles For Responsible Investment, pp.127-145 (With foreword by Al Gore)
  • Diaz-Rainey, I & Tzavara, D (2012) ‘Financing the decarbonized energy system through green electricity tariffs: A diffusion model of an induced consumer environmental market’, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 79:9, 1693-1704 (A)
  • Wang, X, Chan HK, Yee, RWY & Diaz-Rainey, I (2012) ‘A two-stage fuzzy-AHP model for risk assessment of implementing green initiatives in the fashion supply chain’, International Journal of Production Economics, 135:2, 595-606 (A*)
  • Daskalakis, G, Ibikunle, G & Diaz-Rainey, I (2011) ‘The CO2 trading market in Europe’, In: Dorsman, A, Karan, M, Aslan, Ö, Westerman, W (Eds.), Financial Aspects in Energy: The European Perspective, Springer, Amsterdam
  • Davies, S & Diaz-Rainey, I (2011) ‘The patterns of induced diffusion: Evidence from the international diffusion of wind energy’, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 78:7, 1227–1241 (A)
  • Diaz-Rainey, I & Ashton, J (2011) ‘Profiling potential green electricity tariff adopters: Green consumerism as an environmental policy tool?’, Business Strategy and the Environment, 20:7, 456-470 (B)
  • Diaz-Rainey, I, Siems, M & Ashton, J (2011) ‘The financial regulation of energy and environmental markets’, Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, 19:4, 355-369 (C)
  • Diaz-Rainey, I & Ashton, J (2008) ‘Stuck between a ROC and a hard place? Barriers to the take-up of green energy in the UK’, Energy Policy, 36:8, 3053-3061 (A)