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Associate Professor Maree Thyne

Maree Thyne is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, University of Otago, New Zealand. Her research interests centre on combining marketing and tourism theories, an approach she has applied to consumer psychology, particularly in tourist behaviour. She has published in these areas in a number of Marketing and Tourism journals such as Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Journal of Consumer Studies and European Journal of Marketing. Maree also teaches and supervises postgraduate students in these areas and works with industry members on tourist behaviour issues.

Selected Papers of interest:

  • Thyne, M., Watkins, L., and Yoshida, M. (under review) Examining Social Distance in Japan: the impact upon resident attitudes towards tourism. International Journal of Tourism Research
  • Hede, A-M., Thyne, M., Garma, R., and Josiassen, A. (in press) Comparing event attendees and their telecast audiences: a case study of a commemorative event. Event Management: An International Journal.
  • Hede, A-M., & Thyne, M. (2017) Ambushing ANZAC: Marketers harvesting the Anzac brand. Macromarketing Conference, 19-22 June, 2017, Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Thyne, M. and Henry, J. (2016) A sailor’s life for me: An example of how one port of call has developed in the hope of meeting crew expectations, Dowling, R. & Weeden, C., (eds) Cruise Ship Tourism 2nd Edition, CABI, UK.
  • Thyne, M. and Hede, A-M. (2016) Approaches to managing co-production for the co-creation of value: in an (in) authentic museum setting, Journal of Marketing Management. Vol 32 (15-16): 1478-1493.
  • McDonald, S., Oates, C. J., Thyne, M., Timmis, A. J., & Carlile, C. (2015). Flying in the face of environmental concern: why green consumers continue to fly. Journal of Marketing Management, 31(13-14), 1503-1528.
  • Thyne, M., Henry, J. and Lloyd, N. (2015). Land Ahoy: How cruise passengers decide on their shore experience. Tourism in Marine Environments, Vol. 10, No 3-4, pp.177-188
  • Hede, A-M., Garma, R., Josiassen, A. and Thyne, M. (2015). Perceived authenticity of the visitor experience in museums: conceptualization and initial empirical findings. European Journal of Marketing. Vol. 48(7/8), 1395-1412.
  • Lloyd, N., Henry, J. and Thyne, M. (2011) Do passengers listen to their crew? The use of word-of-mouth recommendations on board a cruise ship, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 18 (1), pp. 88-94.
  • Hede, A.M. and Thyne, M. (2010) A journey to the authentic: museum visitors and their negotiation of the inauthentic, Journal of Marketing Management, 26 (7-8), pp. 686-705.
  • McDonald, S., Oates, C., Thyne, M., Alevizou, P. and McMorland, L. (2009) Comparing sustainable consumption patterns across product sectors, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 33, pp.137-145.

You can find out more about Maree on the Department of Marketing website