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Associate Professor Lisa McNeill

Lisa S. McNeill, PhD, BCom (Hons), BA (Otago). I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, Otago Business School. My research and teaching interests are in consumer behaviour, specifically in relation to identity construction and retail consumption. The core focus of my research is consumer choice, particularly as it applies to fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries, often fast fashion. Current research explores alternative models for fashion consumption, including collaborative consumption, and I am a panelist at the European Roundtable for Sustainability in Consumption & Production on this topic. A second, related, stream of my research examines youth consumption behaviours, and explores the socialisation of young consumers by parents, the media, finance and consumer goods industries. This draws together retailing and consumer behaviour theory to focus on young consumers, on fashion and textile marketing, and on sustainability.

Selected Papers of interest:

  • McNeill, L. S. (Forthcoming). Fashion and Women’s Self-Concept: A Typology for Self-Fashioning using Clothing. Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management.
  • McNeill, L. and Hale, O*. (2016). Who Shops at Local Farmers’ Markets? Committed Loyals, Experiencers and Produce-Orientated Consumers. Australasian Marketing Journal.
  • McNeill, L. and McKay, J*. (2016). Fashioning Masculinity among Young New Zealand Men: Young Men, Shopping for Clothes and Social Identity. Young Consumers.
  • McNeill, L. and Moore, R*. (2015). Sustainable Fashion Consumption and the Fast Fashion Conundrum – Fashionable Consumers & Attitudes to Sustainability in Clothing Choice. International Journal of Consumer Studies.
  • McNeill, L. (2014) The Place of Debt in Establishing Identity and Self-Worth in Transitional Life Phases: Young Home Leavers and Credit, International Journal of Consumer Studies. 38. Pp. 69-74.
  • McNeill, L. and Turner, L.* (2013) Parental Financial Role Modelling and Fiscal Behaviour of Young Home Leavers, Young Consumers. 14(2). Pp. 122-138.
  • Penman, S.* and McNeill, L. (2008) Spending their way to Adulthood: Consumption Outside the Nest, Young Consumers, 9(3). Pp. 155-169.

You can find out more about Lisa on the Department of Marketing website