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Otago Capture Administration Application

We’d like to advise of the general availability of the new Otago Capture Administration application. You can access the application from the following URL: The application completely replaces the request forms previously in use. We have also updated the ITS webpages to reflect the new location for creating and updating Sections so you will be directed to the new system for your next request.

The application allows you to:

  • request new Sections for official papers and events.
  • Create new recording schedules for your section, taken from the University Timetabling system
  • Check and edit the settings of sections that have already been created.

It also interfaces with University systems to ensure that the information provided is as up-to-date as possible and avoids confusing typos and invalid data. The system also implements data changes faster and reduces the need for you to contact ITS for simple requests.

We have also created a set of help pages at to help you get started and for reference on how to complete tasks with the application.

We have migrated all of the existing Otago Capture requests into the application so you can now go and review the sections that have been previously set up for your papers or events. The data migration has been a very manual process where we have focused on S2 and FY sections for 2015. For all other sections we have tried as hard as possible to keep the data coherent but there may be some inconsistencies. We mainly expect this to affect the ability of users to edit schedules. If you are having problems please contact the ITS Service Desk.

The development of this application has been more than 12 months in the making and this is our first attempt at providing a self-service application for users of Otago Capture. While we have tried hard to cater to as many different use-cases as possible there will no doubt be things which have escaped our attention. We welcome any feedback you have about the application and are happy to hear about how we could make improvements.

Otago Capture request forms

Between 5:00pm Tuesday 18 August and midday Thursday 20 August ITS will not be processing any new Otago Capture Sections or be able to make changes to existing Sections.

This hiatus in service will allow ITS to deploy the new Otago Capture Administration application which allows staff to have a more timely and efficient control over their Otago Capture Sections. Some of the expected benefits include self-service facilities for staff to manage staff access, alter recording availability and change schedules without the need to contact ITS directly.

During this work there will be no interruption to scheduled, ad-hoc or Personal Capture services and students will still have access to the recordings that have been previously made. The existing request forms will also be available and any submissions to these will be backlogged and processed as soon as possible once our data migration procedures have been completed.

If you have any concerns about this release please contact the ITS Service Desk so that the Otago Capture team can respond to your query.

Podcasting Lecture Recordings

Otago offers two services which (when combined) allow you to podcast the audio of your lectures to your students: the Podcasting service, and the audio recording software available in some lecture theatres.

The basics: what is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a technology for delivering audio and video files via a “subscription” model. Media  files are uploaded to a website, and may then be downloaded by either visiting the website, or subscribing to the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed, using either a RSS-aware browser (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 1.5+, Safari), or specialised software, like iTunes. Unlike Streaming, Podcasting allows the entire file to be downloaded, which means it can be played when the computer is not connected to the internet, burned onto CD, or transferred to a digital audio/video device. Podcasting is ideally suited for distributing material that is released periodically (for example, twice-weekly lectures, monthly seminars, etc).

At present, podcasting is used to deliver audio recordings of lectures; audio recordings of audio-conferences; and audio and video recordings of Inaugural Professorial lectures and other public events.  You can see who is using the Otago University Podcasting Service at this site (note: some of these sites are password-protected).

If you’re a Distance teacher and would like to Podcast your audio conferences, please contact Yvette Coutts to discuss this.

Getting started

If you’re interested in recording your lectures and podcasting them, there are a few things to do before you start.

  1. Apply for a Podcasting site – visit, fill out the form, and send it to the HelpDesk.  You’ll be contacted once your site is set up with some instructions about how to upload files and manage your site. You can find the instructions here.
  2. Check that your lecture theatre has recording facilities at this site – alternatively, you could use your own MP3 recorder.
  3. Download the instructions for the audio recording software in the lecture theatres (for either Mac or Windows).
  4. Contact the HelpDesk and ask them for the access details for the Lecture Recording drop-box – this is where your recordings will be sent so that you can pick them up.

Record your lectures

The recording software is very straight-forward – just follow the  Mac or Windows instructions.  Keep in mind that you can book a time with lecture theatre staff before your lecture to go through the process in person, and you can also call them during your lecture if you get stuck. Contact details for the various theatres are available on the lecture theatres contact details site.

After your lecture

Once the lecture is done, you need to log onto the audio recordings server (which the HelpDesk will give you the access details for) and pick up your MP3.  After that, it’s just a matter of logging into your Podcasting site and uploading the file – a very similar process to uploading a file to Blackboard.

Adding an entry to a podcasting site.

Adding an entry to a podcasting site.

More Information

If you need any help with lecture recording or Podcasting, please contact the ITS HelpDesk.  If you’d like to learn more about audio and video files, and how to edit these, have a look at the ITS Training site – you can attend an Audacity (free audio editing software for Mac/Windows), Garageband (podcast creation software for Mac) or iMovie (video editing software for Mac) training course for free.