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The Home folder in ArcGIS

The problem

Isn’t it annoying having to constantly navigate to this that and the next place to save, export or open files? This is especially an issue when dealing with ArcGIS where you have connections between data and maps to maintain.

The solution for ArcGIS 10.0: the Home folder

The home folder is the folder where your map is saved. So if you locate your maps as high up your folder hierarchy as possible you can navigate to all your data from there.

Home folder in ArcCatalog

The Home folder in ArcCatalog appears at the top of the list. Sometimes you need to scroll up to see it.

The Home folder in ArcCatalog sidebar

Home folder in Save or export dialog

The Home folder also appears on the save or export dialog boxes. It’s pretty subtle though (I only just noticed it!).

The home folder in save and export dailogs (red box)

The home folder appears in a few other places where you open/save/export/import. Keep a look out for it to save time!

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