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Journal of MAOR202: Tikanga and Māori 2 (2018)

MAOR202 is the core 200-level paper in the Indigenous Development major. It’s an exciting paper in which students can explore Māori cultural concepts and their relevance to today’s society through undertaking their own research.

This year, MAOR202 students undertook a research project to investigate how tikanga Māori was or should be incorporated within an organisation. The students each chose an organisation and pursued a literature-based research project to provide an understanding of how it incorporates the use of tikanga Māori as seen through their websites, public documents, newspaper articles, etc.  Their essays thus provide an snapshot of how these organisations portray themselves to the public.

At the start of the course the lecturer, Dr Erica Newman, informed the students that their final essay could be presented in an in-house ejournal that would be published on Te Tumu’s Research Blog. They were given the opportunity to edit their work after their research essay was graded then submit a final version for the ejournal. Of the more than 50 students enrolled in MAOR202 this year, 42 decided to send in their final essay, three of which are written in te reo Māori.

Journal of MAOR202: Tikanga and Māori 2 is the second edition of this ejournal; please click on the following link to download it: MAOR202 EJOURNAL 2.