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This achievement standard involves describing oxidation-reduction processes.

Processes involve reactions and calculations, which may include electrochemical cells and their properties, the use of reduction potentials, and spontaneity of oxidation-reduction reactions.

Calculations may include determination of oxidation numbers, mole ratios and those related to electrochemical cells.

  • Knowledge of appearance and state of the following reactants and the product to which they are converted in an oxidation-reduction reaction is required.
  • Oxidants will be limited to: O2, Cl2, I2, Fe3+, dilute acid (with metals), H2O2, MnO4 (reacting in acidic, basic or neutral conditions), Cu2+, Cr2O72–/H+, OCl, concentrated HNO3, IO3, MnO2.
  • Reductants will be limited to: metals, C, CO, H2, Fe2+, Br, I, H2S, SO2, SO32–, S2O32–, H2O2, H2C2O4.
  • Appropriate information relating to other oxidants or reductants will be provided.

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