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Tradition maintained: BB dinner at Etrusco’s with Otago Uni Honorary Professor Prof Annie Powell (KIT), along with Prof Ali Malik (KIT) and Prof Dirk and Ulriche Kurth (Wurzburg). Feb 2020.

Rosa, PhD student from Barcelona visiting us Jan-May, busy collecting VT UV-vis spectra. Photo Feb 2020 by Sally.

Sjoerd’s farewell pizza lunch at the Botanic Gardens. Photo 2020.

BB alumnus, Dr Stuart Malthus, popped to say hello and to give us an informal tutorial on Crysalis Pro, on his way to start his new job as a scientist at Scion in Rotorua. Photo Feb 2020.

BB alumnus Dr Ross Hogue (Marie Curie research fellow at Leiden University) popped in to say hello whilst on a short break in Dunedin. Photo: 7 Feb 2020 by Jess.

Sally also caught up with another BB alumnus, Dr Matthew Cowan (Chemical and Process Engineering, Canterbury), in Christchurch, Dec 2019. She just didn’t manage to get all 6 of them in one place at one time!

Sally caught up with another BB alumnus, Dr Humphrey Feltham (left), and current BB member, Michael Bennington (right), in Christchurch, Dec 2019.

Sally caught up with BB alumni during the NZIC conference in Christchurch, Dec 2019. Left to right: Dr Nick White (ANU), Dr Jon Kitchen (Massey Auckland), Sally, A/Prof Paul Plieger (Massey, Palmerston North).

We welcome Prof Garry Hanan (Montreal) and his PhD students, Olivier Schott and Thomas Auvray, who are visiting us as part of our Catalyst Grant (MBIE) funded solar fuels photocatalysis collaboration, as well as Prof Julio Lloret-Fillol (ICIQ) visiting us for the OFF workshop. Garry is with us from 2-24 February and his students from 2-11 February 2019.

Dr Jon Kitchen (Massey Albany) visits and presents a tutorial on Langmuir techniques to Brookers Bunch. Photo: Sally, 19 Sept 2018.

From left to right: Visitors Dr Paul Jerabek (Massey University Auckland) and Professor Silvia Giordani (Turin), with Prof Sally Brooker, Dr Anna Garden and Luca Bondi at the Staff Club, 24 April 2018.

University of Otago William Evans Fellow, Professor Silvia Giordani (Turin), is the first to occupy the new Visiting Professors office in the Mellor building. Photo: Sally April 2018.

Welcome back to Professor Annie Powell (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), an Honorary Professor in Chemistry at the University of Otago, who is visiting with her husband, Professor Ali Malik. Photo taken in front of the Riverstone Castle (near Oamaru) by Sally February 2018.


Previous and current Brookers Bunch members, left to right: Assoc Prof Paul Plieger (Massey), Prof Sally Brooker (Otago), Dr Jon Kitchen (Southampton), Reece Miller (Otago) and Dr Jason Price (Australian Synchrotron), at the SANZMAG conference, Sydney, Australia, 17-20 February 2014.

Professors Roberta Sessoli (Florence) and Annie Powell (Karlsruhe), both on extended visits at the University of Otago, February-March 2017 (Chemistry department in the background). Photo: Sally.

Prof Nils-Metzler Nolte (Ruhr University Bochum) helping solve the ‘wire through the long pipe’ challenge on my land (in order to then pull e-fence wire through, and then bury the e-fence wire, protected in the plastic pipe, under the entranceway). Photo: Sally, November 2016.

Sally with Professor Liviu Chibotaru (Catholic University of Leuven). July 2013.

Prof Peter Comba (Heidelberg) trying out some of the locally brewed Emerson’s beers in Dunedin. Photo: Sally, November 2016.

Professor Jeff Long (Berkeley) and Sally at St Clair beach, Dunedin (photo: 16 February 2015 by Jennifer Long).

Professor Eugenio Coronado (Valencia) at Port Chalmers, Dunedin.
Photo: Dr Neil Dilley February 21st 2015.

Professor Rich Eisenberg (Rochester), James, Keith and Sally, at the University of Otago Staff Club.
Photo: February 19th, 2015.

Professor Linda Doerrer (Boston) at Platos restaurant. February 17th 2015.

Professor Rongqing Li (left) on the farm during lambing and (right) feeding pet lamb Snowy (August 2014).

Professor Phil and Nittaya Gale (Southampton) gain some sheep moving experience whilst in NZ (May 2014).

Professor Chris Orvig (UBC) gains some ‘down on the farm’ experience,
helping put in a new gate post (April 2013).

Mrs Fay and Professor Len Lindoy (Sydney)
Above Port Chalmers with Otago Peninsula in the background(March 2013).

Professors Mike Ward (Sheffield), Annie Powell (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology),
Mark MacLachlan (University of British Columbia) and Kim Dunbar (Texas A&M) on the steps to nowhere at Moeraki.
Photo: Scott Cameron, 3 February 2012.

Professors Annie Powell (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Kim Dunbar (Texas A&M), Mike Ward (Sheffield)
and Mark MacLachlan (University of British Columbia) at the Moeraki Boulders.
Photo: Scott Cameron, 3 February 2012.

Sally and Prof Jan Reedijk (Leiden) on the balcony at Fleurs Place, Moeraki.
Photo by Prof Annie Powell (Karlsruhe), March 2011.

Professor Corine Mathoniére (University of Bordeaux) and Dr Rodolphe Clérac (CNRS Bordeaux)
at St Clair Beach, Dunedin, in November 2010. Photo: Sally.

Professor Annie Powell (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; standing, red t-shirt) and Dr Grace Morgan (University College Dublin; pink t-shirt)
with Brookers Bunch (missing: Scott Cameron) in front of the Registry in March 2010. Photo: Dr EW Tan.

Professor Jonathan L. Sessler (University of Texas, USA) on Allens Beach on Otago Peninsula
April 2009. Photo: Sally.

Professor Garry Hanan (Montreal University) helping out in Sally’s garden,
February 2009. Photo: Sally

Professor Chris Hunter (Sheffield University, UK) on Mt Cargill overlooking the harbour, Otago Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean.
December 2008. Photo: Sally.

Professor Martin Albrecht (Fribourg University, Switzerland) and his daughter at Milford Sound
April 2008. Photo: Marianne Albrecht.

Professors Petra Van Koningsbruggen (Groningen) and Ed Constable (Basel) on Otago Peninsula, August 2007.
Photo taken at the end of the Peninsula, looking down Otago Harbour towards Dunedin (which is obscured by islands etc).
Aramoana spit is the sandy beach behind them, and Port Chalmers is in the distance, next to Petra’s right shoulder, behind that.
Photo: Jon Kitchen.

A birthday cake surprise for Professor Petra Van Koningsbruggen (Groningen) at “The Reef” in Dunedin. Photo: Jon Kitchen.

Sally, Professor Jean-Marie (Strasbourg and Paris) and Mrs Sylvie Lehn
in front of the Burns Statue in the Octagon, Dunedin on 5 March 2007. Photo: Rose Harrison.

Professor Ed Constable (Basel) at the Moeraki boulders on a cold early April day in 2006. Photo: Sally

Professor Karl Wieghardt (Max Plank Institute for Bioinorganic Chemistry) and
Dr. Grace Morgan (University College Dublin) with Sally on the University of Otago staff club balcony, Dunedin
Photo: R. Hellyer, March 2006

Professor Mike Ward (Sheffield) on Flagstaff, Dunedin. Photo: Sally, July 2005.

Professor Vickie McKee (Loughborough) in Central Otago. Photo: Sally, April 2005.

Dr Grace Morgan on an emerging Moeraki boulder (left) and in front of a pohutukawa (NZ Christmas tree) (right).
Photos Sally, February 2005.

Professor Peter Tasker and his wife Siggi
at the Robbie Burns statue in the Octagon.
Photo Sally, March 2005

Professor Han Vos (Dublin) and his daughter Johanna on Baldwin Street, Dunedin, the steepest street in the world. Photo: Sally Nov 2003.
Professor Ed Constable on an Otago Peninsula Beach. Photo: Sally, Oct 2003.

Dr Elaine Ferguson and Professor Annie K. Powell (Karlsruhe)
sampling wine at Carricks Vineyard, Central Otago.
Photo: Sally, April 2003.

Professor Han Vos (Dublin) and his son David in front of the Registry.
Photo: Sally, April 2002.

Professor Annie Powell and Dr Ali Malik (Karlsruhe) and Professor Mike Ward (Bristol) on top of Mt Cargill.
Background: the last little bit of Otago Harbour, Dunedin city, and the Pacific Ocean in the
distance. Photo: Sally, December 2001.

Professor Mike Ward (then Bristol, now Sheffield), Dr Ali Malik and Professor Annie Powell (Karlsruhe)
tasting wines in Napier (NZ). Photo: Dr David Weatherburn (Wellington), December 2001.

Professor Keith Murray (Monash) and Sally at the NZIC conference,
Napier, before visiting us in Dunedin, December 2001.