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Group Photos

In front of the Staff Club (Nov 2022), from left: Varinder Singh, Michael Bennington, Kieran DeMonte, Matt Robb, Hajie Tamorite, Sally.

Research group photos from previous years

Left to right (Jan 2022) on the Staff Club terrace: Sally, Matt Robb, Michael Bennington, Hajie Tamorite, Varinder Singh.


Part of Brookers Bunch in the Mellor Foyer (22 June 2020): (back L to R) Sriram, Sally, Matt (front L to R) Varinder, Luca, Fola and Rosa. Missing: Sandhya, Abdullah and Michael (with collaborators at Canterbury).  Photo: Sharron Bennett.


From left to right (2020, physically distanced due to COVID19): Michael, Abdullah, Fola, Sandhya, Luca, Matt, Rosa, Sriram.


From left to right (October 2018): Alice, Fabrice, William, Humphrey, Andreas, Sally, Santi, Luca, Leon, Sandhya, Sriram, Abdullah. Missing: Fola (as he is with collaborators in Montreal). Photo: Sharron Bennett.


From left to right (Oct 2018, bank of the Leith River):  Léon Escomel, Abdullah Abudayyeh, Dr Humphrey Feltham, Luca Bondí, Alice Endersbee, William Pelet, Sandhya Singh, Sriram Sundaresan, Dr Santi Rodríguez Jiménez, Fabrice Karabulut, Andreas Dürrmann.  Photo: Sally.


From left to right (2017, Registry staircase): Dr Humphrey Feltham, Michael Bennington, JJ Hrudka, Hannah Davidson, Reece Miller, Stuart Malthus, Santi Rodríguez Jiménez, Sally, Ross Hogue. Photo: Sharron Bennett.


From left to right (2016):  Ross Hogue, Fabrice Karabulut, Santi Rodríguez Jiménez, Dr Humphrey Feltham, Denis Bitner, Sally, Sven Porath, Hannah Davidson, Michael Bennington, Stuart Malthus.


From left to right (2015, CFI stairs): Santi Rodríguez Jiménez, Ross Hogue, Michael Bennington, A/Prof Darren Jansen, Hannah Davidson, Sally, Dr Humphrey Feltham, Reece Miller, Stuart Malthus.


From left to right (24 Feb 2014, Registry lawns): Alexis Baltrop, Santi Rodriguez, Hannah Davidson, Michael Bennington, Prof Sally Brooker, Ross Hogue, Sebastien Dhers, Dr Humphrey Feltham. Missing: Reece Miller and Stuart Malthus. Photo by Anthony.

Brookers Bunch in front of the NZ Christmas tree (pohutakawa) outside the Chemistry Department, January 2013.

From left to right (2013): Dr Humphrey Feltham, Dr Nick White, Dan Preston, Reece Miller, Dr Raf Kulmaczewski, Sebastien Dhers, Anton Wiebe, Rajni Wilson, Prof Sally Brooker. Photo by Tan.

My research group (Brooker’s Bunch) May 2012.

Left to right (2012): (front) Alain Valery, Raf Kulmaczewski , Rajni Wilson;
(then the rest of us, Left to Right) Reece Miller, Ross Hogue, Scott Cameron,
Humphrey Feltham, Sebastien Dhers, Michael Bennington, me.
Photo taken on 28 May 2012 in the Centre for Innovation, University of Otago.

My research group (Brooker’s Bunch) November 2011.

Left to right (2011): Back row: Sebastien Dhers, Scott Cameron, Humphrey Feltham, Ross Hogue
Middle row: Dr Juan Olguin, Matthew Cowan, Prof Sally Brooker
Front row: Rajni Sanyal, Stephanie Miller
Photo taken on the Registry steps by Theresa Mendoza on 23 November 2011

My research group (Brooker’s Bunch) November 2010.

Left to right (2010): Front row: Juan Olguin, Dr Victoria Milway, Rajni Sanyal.
Second row: Scott Cameron, Humphrey Feltham, Reece Miller. Third row: Michael Juchum, Worku Gobeze. Fourth row: Michael Bennington, Professor Sally Brooker (absent: Matthew Cowan)

Left to right (Nov 2009): Front row: Dr Holger Willms, Matthew Cowen, Dr Victoria Milway. Second row: Worku Gobeze, Dr Jon Kitchen, Rajni Sanyal.
Third row: Scott Cameron. Fourth row: Jamie Lewis, Humphrey Feltham.
Fifth row: Dr Laszlo Mercs, Professor Sally Brooker (absent: Juan Olguin)

Left to right (Feb 2009): Humphrey Feltham, Scott Cameron, Juan Olguin, Matthew Cowan, Professor Sally Brooker, Jon Kitchen, Rajni Sanyal, Jamie Lewis, Worku Gobeze, Julia Rinck (absent: Ryan Hellyer)

Left to right (Apr 2008): Front row: Frederik Kloewer, Matthew Cowan, Worku Gobeze and Jon Kitchen. Middle row: Nick White, Juan Olguin and Humphrey Feltham
Back row: Scott Cameron, Ryan Hellyer and Professor Sally Brooker

Left to right (July 2007): Humphrey Feltham, Dr Andy Noble, Dr Owen Clements, Jon Kitchen, Juan Olguin, Professor Sally Brooker, Worku Gobeze, Scott Cameron, Nick White and Ryan Hellyer

Left to right (March 2007): Visitors Professor Jane Nelson (Belfast) and Dr Grace Morgan (Dublin); Humphrey Feltham, Ryan Hellyer, Jon Kitchen, Dr Andy Noble, Dr Owen Clements, Professor Sally Brooker, Nick White and Scott Cameron

Background: The Registry Clocktower of the University of Otago, New Zealand’s first University.

Left to right (Jan 2006): Dr Jason Price, Nick White, Dr Andy Noble, Professor Sally Brooker, Jon Kitchen and Ryan Hellyer

Background: The Registry Clocktower of the University of Otago, New Zealand’s first University.

Left to right (March 2005): Associate Professor Sally Brooker, Vikas Aggarwal,
Dr Jason Price, Jon Kitchen, Dr Yanhua Lan and Dr Robyn Handel.

Left to right (Dec 2004): Shaun Presow, Dr Robyn Handel, Associate Professor Sally Brooker, Yanhua Lan, Jon Kitchen and Dr Jason Price.

Left to right (Feb 2004): Dr Markus Weitzer, Shaun Presow, Dr Jason Price, Yanhua Lan, Dr Carsten Brandt, Julia Hausmann, Simon Iremonger, Rongqing Li, Associate Professor Sally Brooker (missing: Marco Klingele)

Background:The Registry Clocktower of the University of Otago, New Zealand’s first University.

Left to right (April 2003): Dr Wolfgang Mohr, Marco Klingele, Julia Hausmann, Yanhua Lan, Dr Carsten Brandt, Tanya Ronson, Simon Iremonger, Rongqing Li, Associate Professor Sally Brooker, and in front, Dr Udo Beckman


The multi-disciplinary ‘Lanthanide complexes as luminescent biolabels’ research team (the Lanthanide Lights) January 2003. 

Left to right: Dr Sally McCormickDr Jean Fleming, Dr Wolfgang Mohr, Dr Graham Motson, Tanya Ronson, Associate Professor Sally Brooker


November 2002. Left to right: Dr Graham Motson, Dr Katie Heslop, Julia Hausmann, Simon Iremonger, Tanya Ronson, Tom Mulder, Marco Klingele, Dr Udo Beckmann, Yanhua Lan, Associate Professor Sally Brooker, Rongqing Li.

March 2002. Left to right: Marco Klingele, Yanhua Lan, Rongqing Li, Julia Hausmann, Graham Motson, Ian Hewitt, Sally Brooker, Ruth Waldron, Tanya Ronson.

August 2001. Left to right: Yanhua Lan, Janna Ewing, Rongqing Li, Julia Hausmann, Marco Klingele, Sally Brooker.
Background: The Registry Clocktower of the University of Otago, New Zealand’s first University.

2000. Left to right: Duncan de Geest, Sally Brooker, Tony Davidson, Melissa Payne, Craig Depree, Janna Ewing, Dietmar Kennepohl (missing: Rongqing Li)


1999. My research group (Brooker’s Bunch) on a beautiful summer day.
Left to right: Sally Brooker, Malcolm Pahl, Paul Plieger, Sarah Hay, Tony Davidson.
Background: The Registry Clocktower of the University of Otago, New Zealand’s first University.







First Brookers Bunch members (1992), from left to right: Fiona Roxburgh (undergrad lab tech), Sally, and honours project students Tim Simpson and Paul Croucher.