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H2 storage

  • First leak test in geological storage of hydrogen in Etzel, Germany, successfully completed as part of the H2CAST project (17Feb2023)
  • Calvera Hydrogen has developed a 45 ft tube trailer capable of transporting up to 1.3 T of hydrogen at 517 bar (7500 psi), which will be used to service Shell’s hydrogen refueling stations (Calvera 9 Feb 2023)
  • Green ammonia – compared to liquid H2 it has higher volumetric energy density and we already know how to transport it; it can also be used directly in industry (thyssenkrupp)
  • Hydrogen leaks must be curbed (The Guardian, 17 June 2022)
  • Hyundai H2 storage
  • Lavo (Australian) household H2 storage
  • GKN Hydrogen are exploring metal hydrides for low pressure reliable H2 storage; and collaborate with the German-NZ Green Hydrogen team