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H2 use as eFuel & industrial chemical

  • Channel Infrastructure (CHI) and Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) have announced that they will progress further investigation into the development of a green hydrogen manufacturing facility at Marsden Point to produce synthetic Sustainable Aviation Fuel (eSAF) that could supply c.60 million litres of eSAF per year – equivalent to more than 3 per cent of the pre-Covid annual jet fuel requirements for the aviation sector in New Zealand.” (Fortescue 7 July 2023)
  • Green ammonia – compared to liquid H2 it has higher volumetric energy density and we already know how to transport it; it can also be used directly in industry (thyssenkrupp)
  • Demonstration plant converting CO2 and green H2 to e-fuel and synthetic waxes for industry, is being commissioned by Ineratec at Hansen & Rosenthal’s site in Hamburg (2 Mar 2022)
  • Green H2 in green steel production (NewYorker, 18 Sept 2021)