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Hydrogen – news

Some recent news:

  • Green H2 vs fossil gas costs are changing in UK (The Guardian 14 Sep 2022)
  • MBIE Endeavour grant “Pūhiko Nukutū: a green hydrogen geostorage battery in Taranaki” led by Professor Andy Nicol, awarded $11.8 million (Canty Uni press release 8 Sept 2022)
  • High capacity H2 refuelling station being built in Bavaria (Hydrogen Central 2 Sep 2022)
  • Net zero whisky – Islay’s 9 whisky distilleries to convert from oil to hydrogen (The Guardian, 30 August 2021)

Follow one of the links below for more information on that subject:

Green H2 in New Zealand
Green H2 production – electrolysers
H2 storage – and leaks
Green H2 use as an industrial chemical
Green H2 use for heating/cooking
Green H2 use for transport
Economics and general
Government policy & international reports

Women in Green Hydrogen

CO2 reduction efforts

IPCC 6th report on climate change mitigation (4Apr2022)

Direct air capture (DAC) of CO2

– examples of plants and potential for e-fuels (Reuters 22Mar2022)

CO2 removal (CDR)

– current CDR plants (the Conversation, 6Apr2022)

– researchers focused on developing CDR materials SydneyUni 18Mar2022

E-fuel / synfuel production

Porsche investing USD75 million in HIF Global LLC, initiated the e-fuels Hau Oni pilot plant in Chile, with implementation with partners Siemens Energy and ExxonMobil, which will make e-fuels from CO2 and H2 driven by wind energy, with production starting mid-2022 (6Apr2022)