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Hydrogen – news

Some recent news:

  • One of the visitors to our hydrogen outreach demonstration electrolyser and fuel cell at Hyundai’s site at the Mystery Creek Fieldays (thanks Hyundai for sponsoring Michael Bennington and Sally Brooker doing this!), Adrian Maidment, made a quick video of Sally explaining how H2 is made and used, and later sent us the link to it on youtube (thanks Adrian!). Check it out here!
  • Air New Zealand has announced several partners for ‘Mission NextGen Aircraft’, one of which is Hiringa Energy. See Hiringa’s press release here. (Air NZ 14 Dec 2022)
  • The Sustainable Aviation Aotearoa group, a private-public partnership focused on decarbonising aviation, has been announced by Te Manatū Waka (NZ Ministry of Transport). See the Media Release and Terms of Reference (Nov 2022)
  • Hydrogen rush could shift world energy order (Newsroom 14 Nov 2022)
  • Germany introduced its first hydrogen-powered commuter trains in August 2022. The hydrogen is currently trucked in, but the plan is to produce green hydrogen on site in the future, potentially using offshore wind power (Business Insider 8 Nov 2022)
  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced more funding for H2Global to help boost the global hydrogen ramp-up (EURACTIV 9 Nov 2022)
  • Air New Zealand plans to fly its first commercial zero-emissions demonstration flight in 2026 (Newshub 4 Nov 2022)
  • Christchurch and Hamburg airports have signed a partnership to work together towards net zero with a focus on green hydrogen (Christchurch and Hamburg airports 18 Oct 2022)
  • DAT, Everfuel, and Universal Hydrogen have announced a collaboration to bring zero-emissions flight to Denmark by the end of 2025, with the goal of using green hydrogen to have all of DAT’s domestic flights zero-emission by 2030 (Universal Hydrogen 20 Sep 2022)
  • Green H2 vs fossil gas costs are changing in UK (The Guardian 14 Sep 2022)
  • MBIE Endeavour grant “Pūhiko Nukutū: a green hydrogen geostorage battery in Taranaki” led by Professor Andy Nicol, awarded $11.8 million (Canty Uni press release 8 Sept 2022)
  • Net zero whisky – Islay’s 9 whisky distilleries to convert from oil to hydrogen (The Guardian, 30 August 2021)

Follow one of the links below for more information on that subject:

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Economics and general
Government policy & international reports

Women in Green Hydrogen

CO2 reduction efforts

IPCC 6th report on climate change mitigation (4Apr2022)

Direct air capture (DAC) of CO2

– examples of plants and potential for e-fuels (Reuters 22Mar2022)

CO2 removal (CDR)

– current CDR plants (the Conversation, 6Apr2022)

– researchers focused on developing CDR materials SydneyUni 18Mar2022

E-fuel / synfuel production

Porsche investing USD75 million in HIF Global LLC, initiated the e-fuels Hau Oni pilot plant in Chile, with implementation with partners Siemens Energy and ExxonMobil, which will make e-fuels from CO2 and H2 driven by wind energy, with production starting mid-2022 (6Apr2022)