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Frederik Klöwer

Current position: PhD student with Prof. Annie Powell at the University of Karlsruhe (August 2006 – present)
Brookers Bunch Visit: February to April 2008

I went to Dunedin for three months and worked in Sally’s group on the synthesis of a new large, macrocycle (MC). This project combines the research interests of Sally’s and Annie’s groups. In Karlsruhe I’m working on the synthesis of Single Molecule Magnets (SMMs) but most of the time the nuclearity of the resulting complexes can’t be predicted. So the use of a MC as a ligand could be very helpful because its reaction has to be templated with a defined number of metal ions. The new, large macrocycle Sally designed for the purpose gives us the opportunity to isolate clusters with a clearly defined number of metal ions. We succeeded in synthesizing and structurally characterizing a number of discrete polymetallic complexes of our new macrocycle. Now we are investigating their magnetic properties.

But besides the chemistry it was an incredible trip. Sally’s group has such a nice atmosphere that it is very easy for external persons to feel comfortable right from the start. Not only because Sally’s nature is very encouraging and motivating but also all of the group members were so very kind to me. That was great. Thank you all.

For those who are interested in going abroad to NZ:

My trip was funded by the Karlsruher House of Young Scientists (KHYS) which is just newly established. The KHYS is dedicated both to doctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates (postdocs). As a central contact point the KHYS supports all doctoral candidates from the beginning of their dissertation to their successful degree and also assists them in career management. Any PhD student of the University of Karlsruhe can apply for funding. Further information can be found here:

Finally I want to say thank you again to Sally and Annie for giving me the opportunity to do this trip. I really enjoyed the stay in Dunedin as well as my trip around beautiful NZ, and I hope this was just the start of a great collaboration!

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