2nd Annual AMHC Symposium – “Moving Forward: Decreasing car use among teenagers”

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AMHC Teen Panel

AMHC Teen Panel

This international multidisciplinary event showcased current research and practice in teen mobility, active transport, the effects of the built environment and climate change, and youth engagement. Links to recorded video presentations and graphics can be found on the Symposium page and the AMHC YouTube Channel.

Photo Exhibit Showcases Experiences of Non-Driving Youth

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A new qualitative study of Auckland youth, led by the Adolescent Mobility Health Consortium (AMHC), suggests that young people who participated in this PhotoVoice exercise who do not drive cars choose buses, trains, cycling and walking mainly because they are more affordable and convenient transport options.

The study participants took photographs as a way to communicate their experiences. The purpose of the project was to create discussion about transport issues that was generated by the participants themselves. A selection of participant photographs will be on display at the Avondale Community Library in Auckland through September and can be seen on our PInterest channel.

Read original media release here.

Editors Note: Did you know even by age 19, less than a third of New Zealand teenagers have their full drivers license? (Source: Motor Vehicle Register, NZ Transport Agency)

Underwear Protest on Wellington Trains

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Original article by Michael Forbes, at the Dominion Post

Generation Zero – Young people at work on Transportation Choice!

There were more than a few raised eyebrows on the train from Ngauranga to Wellington today as 40 young people did the morning commute in their underwear.

They were part of a youth environmental group called Generation Zero, which fights for climate change action and inter-generational justice.

Group organiser James Young-Drew, 22, said the stunt was designed to launch their 50:50 campaign, which is protesting the government’s plans to spend $14 billion on highway projects over next decade but not nearly as much on ”smart transport options” such as light rail, buses and cycleways.

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Successful Young Americans Seen Drifting Away From Car Culture: Smart Phones Play A Role

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Original Article by John Laumer, Treehugger

Note from Editor: This is another follow-up blog posting regarding the recent report from the Frontier Group and U.S. PIRG on Transportation and the New Generation. The interesting take here is on the role of smart phone technology that is ubiquitous and moves with today’s young people.

“As always, there’s more sex in the city, better restaurants, and a far better music and theater scene than can be found in any suburb. If you can no longer afford to fly to Tortugas for a vacation, life in the city is a reliable way to keep life interesting for the long haul – especially important once you decide TV sucks. This is a given.”

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