Seminar 4

Migration, Museums and Memorials

Edinburgh: 11-13 February 2015


When, how, and why is Scotland’s migration history represented in museums, galleries, and memorials and how does it compare with depictions of other movements including the Great Irish Famine, slavery, the holocaust, and refugee flows? How might Scottish portrayals of migration, at home and abroad, be influenced by representations of other migrant flows? What aspects of the Scottish migrant experience remain forgotten? How might scholarly interpretations influence museum practice and vice versa?

Scottish Highlander ship's figurehead, Peabody Essex Museum, Massachusetts, USA. Copyright Nicholas J. Evans.

Scottish Highlander ship’s figurehead, Peabody Essex Museum, Massachusetts, USA. Copyright Nicholas J. Evans.

Our speakers include museum and heritage professionals and historians.


  • Padmini Broomfield, ‘Traders, settlers, soldiers, exiles: SeaCity Museum explores Southampton as a “Gateway to the World”‘
  • Nicholas J. Evans, ‘Heritage installations and the reframing of diasporic memory in comparative Atlantic perspective: Boston (USA), Limerick (Ireland), and Cape Town (South Africa)’
  • David Forsyth, ‘Displaying the diaspora: The challenges of exhibiting a migratory people’
  • Laurence Gourievidis, ‘The history of migration, heritage, and memory’
  • Eureka Henrich, ‘Memorialising migration and settlement in Australia’
  • Harvey Kaplan, ‘Making a new life in Scotland: The development of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre’
  • Jessica Lewis, ‘Overcoming obstacles: (Re)curating the cargoes and people on Cutty Sark
  • Emily Mark-FitzGerald, ‘Famine and migration memory in Ireland and its diaspora’
  • Angela McCarthy, ‘Commemorating the Scottish “father of the Ceylon tea enterprise” in museums and memorials’
  • Alan Rice, ‘Withered hands, containers of ducks and abandoned cockle pickers: Multidimensional memorialisation in the Black Atlantic’
  • Iain Watson, ‘Memory and inclusion: Waipu, New Zealand, and the sharing of its extraordinary migration story’

Please click for the draft programme: museums seminar programme Jan 2015

We have two travel bursaries (within the UK) available for postgraduate students. If interested, contact Professor McCarthy for further details.

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Banner Image: Clandonald Settlers Leaving Scotland for Alberta, 1924, Glenbow Archives, NA-331-6.

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