ESRC Seminar Series

Movement into and out of Scotland remains one of the most significant features of the British diaspora and analysis of the process has blossomed under devolution. Most studies, however, fail to integrate historical and contemporary migrations or to set the examination of a single country into a comparative framework of reference.

This seminar series seeks to advance the study of global migration into and out of Scotland by bridging historical and contemporary approaches through the application of a multidisciplinary and comparative framework to under-researched areas in the field that have contemporary societal importance.

Scrutiny of these issues has never been more timely and important in light of Scotland’s rising population figures since the 1990s, growing Scottish diasporic consciousness overseas, and especially the forthcoming referendum on Scotland’s independence in 2014.

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This seminar series is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (UK), (ES/L000377/1). The organisers are Professor Angela McCarthy (University of Otago), Professor Sir Tom Devine (University of Edinburgh), and Dr Nicholas J. Evans (University of Hull).


Banner Image: Clandonald Settlers Leaving Scotland for Alberta, 1924, Glenbow Archives, NA-331-6.


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