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This achievement standard involves knowledge and understanding of phenomena, concepts, principles and/or relationships related to translational; circular and rotational; and simple harmonic motion; and the use of appropriate methods to solve related problems.

Translational Motion

  • Centre of mass (1 and 2 dimensions)
  • conservation of momentum and impulse (2 dimensions only)

Circular and Rotational Motion

  • Velocity and acceleration of, and resultant force on, objects moving in a circle under the influence of 2 or more forces, eg banked corners, vertical circles
  • Newton’s Law of gravitation
  • satellite motion
  • Rotational motion with constant angular speed and with constant angular acceleration
  • torque
  • rotational inertia
  • angular momentum
  • rotational kinetic energy
  • conservation of angular momentum
  • conservation of energy

Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)

  • Displacement; velocity; acceleration
  • time and frequency of a particle undergoing SHM
  • forced SHM
  • resonance
  • the reference circle
  • phasors
  • conservation of energy.

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