Fabric that really “breathes”…

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FlapsThis morning, I saw an article that referenced a new type of fabric being developed at MIT. The fabric was impregnated with bacteria so that when the wearer was hot and sweating, the bacteria responded and fabric venting flaps opened. When the wearer was not hot and sweating, the flaps closed. This sounds like such a simple idea but such a great one. Who hasn’t been working out and felt like they were wearing too much or too little to keep themselves at a comfortable temperature. Fabric that responds to your personal needs at any given time sounds great to me! I found the link to the group doing the work at MIT and you can find it here: Biologic Fabric

While you are there though, take a look at Tangible Media Group

It looks like there is some incredibly cool work going on at MIT. I particularly like the responsive table and the kinematic blocks 🙂

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