Applications are OPEN for OUASSA 2017…

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Planning for the 2017 student and teacher programmes are well underway as the school year rockets into the final term for the year!

Our teacher and student applications for 2017 are open until the 21st of October. You can see the schools who were mailed application packages as well as access the online application forms for teachers and students here:
OUASSA 2017 Application forms

The application form is the same for students, teachers and nominating teachers, you will be shown different questions based on whether you are an applicant or a nominating teacher and whether you are applying to the student or teacher programme.

Teacher applicants will need to fill in the application form only.

Student applicants will need to fill in the application form, have a teacher fill in a teacher nomination and also submit an essay either via email or hard copy (instructions and topic are in the application material)


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