Copyright Community of Practice – first 2012 meeting

Sunday, March 4th, 2012 | Richard White | No Comments

Today being the first meeting of the CCOP for 2012, I went back to the original objectives we devised for the group back in 2008. This is what we said we’d do and most of them still hold true:

  • Meet and discuss copyright issues
  • Co-ordinate different areas
  • Clarify areas of compliance
  • Improve education/access to information/training
  • Promote best practice
  • Advise the Registrar

As is the way of communities of practice, the group has evolved over time, and the increasing focus on things open access has led to the Open Minds seminar series and this blog.

But as with any face-to-face group, the conversation is extremely wide-ranging – and lively – which is hardly surprising given the diverse membership (from musicians to philosophers to librarians).

If you’re on the Dunedin campus, come along to the meeting today at 1pm in the Reception Room (1st floor Clocktower). The other dates for the year are: 7 May, 2 July, 3 September, 5 November, all at 1pm in the Reception Room. (If you’re on another campus and interested let me know and we’ll investigate our options for ways for you to participate).