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Who we are

We are a collaborative, multidisciplinary group of scientists and practitioners who work in the field of earthquake science in southern New Zealand.


Earthquake scientists are present in the University of Otago’s Departments of Geology, Geography, Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science, School of Surveying, and Centre for Sustainability. Earthquake scientists are also present at GNS Science and Otago Regional Council, and several freelance researchers live in Dunedin.

Akatore Fault trench at Big Creek. Photo Credit: Briar Taylor-Silva

The group has been created following the appointment of the inaugural Chair of Earthquake Science at the Department of Geology (Professor Mark Stirling), and subsequent recognition of the critical mass of earthquake science researchers in the region. 


The goals of the group are as follows:

• Advance the understanding of earthquake science and associated hazards and risks in southern New Zealand.

• Provide a forum for researchers to achieve synergy and collaboration. Our researchers cover expertise in seismology, seismotectonics, earthquake geology, structural geology, earthquake statistics, geodesy, seismic hazard modelling, hazard social science, emergency management, and policy driven hazard analysis

• Exploit funding opportunities for earthquake science research (National Hazard Research Platform, EQC, QuakeCoRE etc)

• Provide collaborative education opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate

• Provide earthquake science education and outreach in southern New Zealand


Otago Earthquake Science Core Group

  • Professor Mark Stirling (Otago Earthquake Science Chair)
  • Dr. Erin Todd (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Anna Kowal (PhD student)
  • Jonathan Griffin (PhD student)
  • Sam Allan (PhD student)
  • Catherine Sangster (MSc student)
  • Ella van den Berg (MSc student)